In those two weeks we will provide an opportunity for new voices to participate in the process and start the dissemination of our work. The course will be a two week open course that into which we hope to attract participants from around to work to build their own futures from the SSHRC futures trends and to discuss the implications from their own perspectives


Activities will be made available through the open course website and through the newsletter for those who wish to do some pre-reading before the course starts. The SSHRC Future Challenges website is, of course, a good place to start.

Week 1

1. We will present an initial question about how education is impacted/can impact our society from an established list of trends on one important societal topic (Post-truth society, digital economy etc…)

2. We will explore processes by which we can develop multiple potential futures.

3. We will encourage participants to create potential futures in various formats

Week 2

1. We will explore the initial questions/comments/ideas from participant based futures

2. We will explore the choices that educational systems and institutions could make to achieve

different outcomes.